About Us

Where It Started

Ben Wilson was born in Augusta, Georgia, on June 8th, 1992. He is the fourth of five boys to Walter and Jeanine Wilson. When he was in 6th grade, his parents got him his first guitar. His father showed him a few chords and Wilson was off to the races. At the encouragement of his eldest brother, Wilson began writing songs soon after. 

Taking The First Steps

Wilson attended the University of Georgia after graduating high school in 2011. It was at UGA where Wilson grew as a songwriter and a performer. Turning his college experiences into songs, he developed a repertoire that would become the tracks on his debut album, "The First Round." After graduating from Georgia in 2016, Wilson moved back home to Augusta, where he spent a year as a substitute teacher and a handyman. It was at this time that Wilson reached out to McKenna Hydrick, a fellow musician from North Augusta, South Carolina. Hydrick encouraged Wilson to come to Nashville to record his work and went so far as to connect him to a producer in Music City. 

Wilson recording his debut album in 2017.

Aiming For The Big Time

Wilson connected with Nashville producer, Paul Kimsal, and made plans to record in February of 2017. Wilson released his seven song debut album, "The First Round," in May of 2017. After releasing his album, he moved up to Nashville, Tennessee in October. Since then, Wilson has been playing shows and making connections, "chasin' that Neon Rainbow." His music is available on iTunes, Spotify, through several other online sources, and hard copy CDs are available here.